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About Milas Aesthetic Spa


Milas Aesthetic Spa, a premier spa in Eldridge, TX, excels in providing top-notch face and body solutions, incorporating cutting-edge technology and advanced Botox treatments. With tailored options addressing diverse skin types and concerns, we are equipped to correct a myriad of skin issues.

Milas Aesthetic Spa is dedicated to helping clients achieve their beauty and skincare goals, ensuring they experience a sense of luxury and indulgence. Our core values revolve around professionalism, delivering impeccable customer service, and ensuring every client attains their desired results, especially with the incorporation of Botox treatments.

At Milas, Aesthetic Spa you are more than just a customer, your success is our success!

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The Botox treatment at Milas Aesthetic Spa Eldridge was a game-changer for me. The atmosphere was relaxing, and the staff made sure I was well-informed about the procedure. The results were remarkable – a more youthful and refreshed appearance. If you’re considering Botox in Texas, look no further than Milas Aesthetic Spa Eldridge. You won’t be disappointed…

Janette S.

Milas Aesthetic Spa Eldridge is the go-to place for Botox treatments in Texas. The staff is not only professional but also genuinely cares about achieving the best results for their clients. I appreciated the personalized approach to my treatment, and the results were fantastic. Smooth and rejuvenated skin – exactly what I was looking for. I’ll definitely be coming back for more!…

Charlotte A.

I recently had a Botox treatment at Milas Aesthetic Spa Eldridge, TX, and the results exceeded my expectations. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The treatment was virtually painless, and I noticed a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. I highly recommend Milas Aesthetic Spa for their expertise in Botox treatments…

Katherine M.

Milas Aesthetic Spa Houston & WHY TO CHOOSE US​?

Have you ever dreaded looking in the mirror and seeing what wrinkles and
age have done to your face that had men look at you in awe?

Have you tried every anti-aging product under the sun…

Done your skincare routine religiously and rigorously every morning & evening…

Only for it to yield no results? What if I told you…

You can in fact run back the clock, evaporate your wrinkles and feel sexier than you felt in your 20s?

When you visit Milas cosmetics, possibility becomes reality!

With our unique, proven methods, you can turn back time to the good old days…

And become the sexiest, ageless goddess you deserve to be!

No matter what your skin type may be…

We’re convinced we can help you become the beautiful, confident yourself you deserve to be.

You deserve to glow everyday, and from our vast experience, nothing makes women glow
more than having a beautiful skin that looks great even without makeup.

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An experienced staff will do their best to relax you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

How frequently can I go to a spa?

The suggested frequency varies from once a week to once a month depending on the spa therapy you choose. Refer to Milas Aesthetic Spa menu to know the suggested frequency for the therapy that meets your need.

Can I cancel my appointment?

If you must cancel, cancellations need to be in advance atleast a 1 day notice or if not then half of the price of the treatment will be charged.

Can I eat or drink before my therapy?

Don’t eat or drink for at least an hour before a therapy to avoid discomfort during the therapy. Drink enough water after your therapy, especially if you have used the steam facility.

What clothes should I wear to a spa?

Wear light clothing that’s easy to change out of and into. Milas Aesthetic Spa offers guests disposable underclothes for any therapy which requires undressing.

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Botox Special Grab the Exclusive Deal

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Worth $14.00 /Unit For

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